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The folks who work to build your reputation and produce results

Adrienne Fritze, Marketing Strategy / Planning and Design

Adrienne’s eclectic background spans over 35 years of creative industries work. In retrospect her entrepreneurial efforts all revolved around story telling–whether it was writing/designing/producing live-action murder mystery events, publishing a consumer magazine in Japan, creating demos for digital magazines, producing the FIRE Festival: Women in Music, Film and the Arts, managing global advertising projects for companies like Samsung USA–sharing stories that touch, move and inspire are at the heart of everything she does. Adrienne sits on the Creative Advocacy Network Steering Committee, and is a member of the Portland Advertising Federation, the Software Association of Oregon and NED Space.

Colwyn Fritze-Moor, Web and Technology Manager

Colwyn’s background makes him a bit of an oddity and an exception. He has spent his entire life in the world of business, marketing, and advertising. Colwyn is an entrepreneur at heart; he has had 5 jobs and has taken part in 3 companies. Ever since high school he has been writing code and designing websites, with a bit of political work on the side. An avid fan of the web and social media his vision is to bring people together on the web, building communities around the world. People can connect no matter where they are now and he wants to enable those connections to happen. Colwyn is a member of the Portland Advertising Federation, Software Association of Oregon, and coaches his former high school’s Mock Trials team.

How Do We Get It Done? Building Reputation, Producing Results.

The single most important factor in any marketing campaign is reputation. Without any reputation surrounding you, your product, or your company, it’s pretty difficult to produce decent results. There are 4 steps to build your reputation.

  1. Understanding your market
    Your market is the main group of people who are going to buy your product or service. These are the people you will interact with the most on your social media pages, blog and website as well as target your ads towards.

    • Market Research
      Profiling your market by figuring out where they interact, their demographic (location-based profile), their psychographic (personality-based profile), how many of them are out there, and how much money they have. That would create a basic Market Profile to work with.
  2. Creating Your Brand
    This is the look, feel, sound, and flavour of you, your product, or your company. By creating your brand you will create a consistency that everybody will recognize as being yours and will build trust with your community.

    • Brand ID
      Your Brand ID is how your brand is displayed to people. This includes your logo, envelopes, letterhead, web banners, fonts, colours, and tons of other visual elements that help form consistency with your brand.
    • Brand Messages
      These are the keywords and phrases that will be used consistently when speaking as your brand building more trust with your community. Which transitions smoothly into the next subject.
  3. Living Your Brand
    Anything you do as your brand outside of things directly related to your work will reflect on your brand and then on how people see your work. There are many ways outside of just doing your job that you can help build your brand and yourself how you want to be seen.

    • Setting Yourself Up As An Expert
      There are a number of ways you can do this, it all comes down to your preference how you go about this. You can hold classes and teach people how to do what you do. If there are competitions, participate in them! An award goes a long way when it comes to convincing someone you’re an expert.
  4. Interacting With Your Community
    Listening to your community is the most important step to having a long and fulfilling relationship with them. Take their advice and read all of their reviews, respond to them, and tell them why you do what you do. By paying attention to them and making them feel important they will stick around, building your reputation even further.

    • Easy Ways to Communicate
      Using social media it’s easier than ever to interact with your community, use these tools to your advantage. Read and respond to posts on your Facebook page, share content you think aligns with what you’re doing. Social media allows you to be more personal than before with your community, building a commitment between you and them.

How Can We Help?

You can produce results the entire time through that process and once you’re finished it will be easier than ever to get your products and services out there. As an established expert with an excellent reputation people will pay for not only your products and services but also for talking about your expertise in how you do what you do. There are many ways to monetize a good reputation as an established expert.

If you want us to help you build you reputation and produce results, check out our Online Presence Packages and then contact us. We’ll get back to you within a few business days.

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