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Facebook Business Pages Change

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Since you have (or may have) one or more business pages on Facebook, you have until the 30thto learn what’s changed and develop or augment your Facebook strategy to incorporate those changes. We know that sounds ominous—and we’re committed that it’s not for our cleints and readers. To ease the transition, we’re including some of the best resources we’ve discovered with regard to the changes, including a free web conference THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 26th (details below) to address your specific concerns and needs.

The 7 changes affecting Facebook business pages are:

  1. Cover Photo and Profile Image Use size and Restrictions on messaging
  2. Larger, Highlighted and Pinned Posts – 7-day max pinning
  3. Setting Company Milestones – telling the story of your business
  4. Out with Default Landing Page, in with Applications (formerly Tabs)
  5. Facebook Offers – think freebies and free giveaways
  6. Facebook Insights, Admin Panel and Messaging – different location and look
  7. Facebook Advertising – larger ads, more reach

We attended an online introductory seminar through Social Fresh the day these changes were publicly announced. You can view that same training video  here:   PLEASE NOTE: you will be required by Social Fresh to exchange your contact information in order to access this webinar


And here’s a great article on Social Media Examiner (one of our FAVORITE social media sites): – NOTE: on this site you ARE NOT asked for your contact information to read this article. 😀




 WEB CONFERENCE ON FACEBOOK TIMELINE CHANGES!  For us at Marketing Moxie these changes are impacting our thinking around marketing strategy and planning—our own as well as that of our clients.  We’ll host an online presentation and Q&A re: the Facebook business page timeline changes and the shift in our thinking on Thursday, March 29th at 1:00 p.m. PDT. The presentation is free, and you can register here: 




We have room for up to 25 participants so register early, and please do share this free presentation with others in your circle who could benefit from this information. If you have any questions contact us at or call (971) 217-8040.


Finally, we’re including a simple graphic [below] published by one of our favorite online business sites,, to serve as a quick reference to the new timeline changes. Click here to find Scott Barnes’ (SiteBuilder’s founder) blog post “Facebook Timeline Layout for Pages Infographic” when you visit his website.


Click here to find Scott Barnes’ (SiteBuilder’s founder) blog post Facebook Timeline Layout for Pages Infographic |


We hope you find this information useful, and look forward to going a bit deeper into the Facebook changes as they relate to your business or project specifically this Thursday, March 29th at 1:00 p.m. PDT. The presentation is free, and you can register here:


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