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A select history of our work

Vicky Vixen

Owner: Randolph Sellars
Timeframe: 7 months
Randy came to us with a few objectives in mind, first of which was to get help funding his webseries project using crowdsourcing, specifically Kickstarter. The other goals included revamping (ie: redesigning) the Vicky Vixen website, renewing the Vicky Vixen Facebook and Twitter pages, and creating a consistent blog and social media strategy for Vicky Vixen.
The project grew into something much larger than we had initially planned. We ended up creating an entire campaign Alternate Reality Game (which is a game that is played in the real world, real time using imaginary characters) based on a tangential storyline in Vicky Vixen, The Spy Game. This along with assisted art direction helped Randy get his campaign onto Kickstarer.


Owner: Rhona Mahl
Timeframe: 1.5 months (ongoing)
Rhona Mahl is an impassioned individual and now business owner. She had worked with downtrodden people for all of her life hoping to add joy to their lives. She finally decided that she wanted to start her own business, Heartellectual. She came to us wanting help designing a website and identity (logo+business card), a social media marketing campaign, and business coaching. Over the past month and a half we’ve worked with her we built her website and Facebook page for Heartellectual as well as taught her how to run a business and helped her achieve the confidence necessary to run it.

Randolph Sellars, Director of Photography

Owner: Randolph Sellars
Timeframe: 1 month
Randy had worked with us before on the Vicky Vixen project so when he decided he needed to step up his resume we immediately came to mind. Randy has a long history of working on films in every photographic role you can imagine, working on films like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and filming a number of ads for Nike and The Oregon Lottery. We had to assemble his long history of work and build a website that would accurately and effectively show his reputation to other people he showed it off to. Since building the site it has been very successful being used as a tool by Randy to get work.

Ancient World Crafts

Owner: Rahsaan Muhammad
Timeframe: 2 months
Rahsaan needed a new website for his glass company and design work. They had done quite a bit of work in the past and needed to modernize their company, bringing them into the web. He needed it handle two types of sales: major glass projects and a standard eCommerce web store for his clothing. We worked with him on pricing of his work, installed WP eStore and gave the site a photo gallery to show off the diverse past of glass work he has done. The main challenge of the site was balancing the two categories of products, which we overcame using the double navigation of ElegantTheme’s eStore template. We wrote all of the static content on the site as well as put the first few store items on the site.

Ideal Portland
Owner: Dwayne Johnson
Timeframe: 3 months

The website was designed to be a portal where people can learn more information about Ideal Portland and what they do to help minorities in business.Ideal Portland believes that listening to and collaborating with minority innovators, entrepreneurs and investors are imperative for gaining trust and support. The organization is run by Dwayne Johnson, a well known community advocate in the Portland area. He came to us in need of a website, social media profiles, and social media/newsletter integration. Over 3 months we worked with him and his partner to build a powerful website complete with custom images and design (including logo modification).

The challenges in building the site were typical web development challenges which were overcome very easily. The website went through multiple design variations and colour profiles with the entire process running very smoothly between Marketing Moxie and the client.

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