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OTBC Presentation [9/26/12]



We were fortunate to offer our 75-minute presentation at the Oregon Technology Business Center on September 26 to thirty-eight entrepreneurs, technologists, creative and artistic professionals, business advocates and others interested in crowdfunding and its applications.

We’ll be back at OTBC in the late fall with another presentation  and have plans to lead the 2-Saturday, 5 weekdays of direct support crowdfunding workshop mid- to late-January.

We took a plethora of great questions, coming from some amazingly talented and smart people. We hope that you took away more than just the basics, and invite you to be in touch with us as new questions arise.

Beyond crowdfunding, there was a request during the post-presentation networking, to get people in touch with each other as well. There were projects that had some overlap and the thought was that collaboration would be powerful in those projects. To that end we offer you a meeting place on LinkedIn in our “Money 4 Something” group here:

Below are the downloadable documents we promised you. If you have any feedback – comments, questions, etc. – please send them to us at

Again, thank you for attending the presentation, for your comments, questions, suggestions and for making the event a pleasurable one!

Adrienne, Colwyn and Dwayne


PowerPoint Presentation ::  [download id="1"]

Money 4 Something Workbook  ::  [download id="2"]

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